Workholding Products

Adaptor Plates

    Semi-Machined “Long Taper” Adaptors. Types L00, L0, L1, L2 & L3. High Tensile Iron Material. Flange diameters from 125mm to 410mm.     Semi-Machined “Short Taper” Adaptors. Types A1 & A2. Mild Steel Material. Flange diameters from 160mm to 410mm.       Semi-Machined “Short Taper” Adaptors. With bayonet plate mounting. Supplied with […]

Bar Pullers

GRIPPEX BAR PULLERS Grippex Bar Pullers work on 1½ bar coolant pressure to close fingers. Normally operated via “M” function on CNC controller to open/close fingers. Coolant off signal will release fingers. Suitable for bar material up to 2.500” diameter & 1.5 metres length. Eliminates the need for expensive bar pullers and manual feeding of […]

Chuck Jaws

Chuck Jaws manufactured to suit most makes of manual & power chucks. Serrated, slot & tenon, scroll & dowel locations. Please go to our technical information page for data sheet questionnaires. This page shows the variations of chuck jaws available.   Blank Serrated Soft Top Jaws Standard Serrated Soft Top Jaws Type 1 Standard Serrated […]

Collet Chucks

A2-5 DEAD LENGTH COLLET CHUCKS   Collet Adaptation Chucks Fast changeover on A2-5” spindle noses from chucks to collet adaptation chucks. Precise part length control with use of standard draw-in collets. Concentricity 0.001” T.I.R. maintained. Unlike most jaw chucks, collet adaptation chucks are not affected by centrifugal force. Drawtube connectors can be designed & manufactured […]

Collet Fixtures

DEAD LENGTH A2-5” 16C PNEUMATIC COLLET BLOCK   Pneumatic Operation. Accepts all standard 16C round, hexagon, square, & special shaped collets & step chucks. Precision length control. Spindle moves, collet is stationary. The collet block is pneumatically actuated with a manually operated control valve. The A2-5” spindle accepts closers for step chuck work up to […]


HARDINGE MANUFACTURED HARDENED & GROUND COLLETS The hardness of the collets significantly increases the working life of same. Optimum hardness, spring & spread perfected over more than a century. Back bearing held to precision size & concentricity tolerances. Bore, head angle, back bearing & thread all concentric to each other. Standard collets will have a […]

Dead Centres

SOLID CENTRES   Tool steel or high speed steel. Full point Available in morse taper mounts – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Fully hardened and ground. Carbide tipped. Full Point. Available in morse taper mounts – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Fully hardened and ground.   Carbide full point. […]

Expanding Mandrels

STANDARD FACE-PLATE DRAWBAR OPERATED MANDRELS This mandrel can be used on any machine tool with drawbar facilities, for general turning or grinding operations. Sleeves are ground in the expanded position to provide loading clearance for the component part. Adaptor plates can be manufactured and supplied to suit the machine tool spindle nose mounting. Component end […]

Face Drivers

CONSTANT FACE DRIVER   For turning between centres. Slip on driving discs – Quick changeover. Use revolving tailstock centre with pressure indicator as countercentre. Clamping diameter from 8 to 80mm. Turning diameter from 9 to 160mm. Three hydraulically equalised pistons. Long guided, spring loaded centre, axially adjustable. Morse taper mount – 3, 4, 5 & […]

Gripper Units

  Pneumatically operated stationary chuck. Can be used as an alternative to a fixture. Small and lightweight design, with inbuilt air cylinder. Easy mounting by air piping. Hollow structure optimal for bar workpiece and air blow. Standard soft jaw for power chuck is used. Lock valve unit ensures constant and regular gripping force in all […]

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Compact open centre hydraulic cylinders Large through hole high speed hydraulic cylinders Double rod cylinders Hydraulic cylinders – closed centre Compact closed centre hydraulic cylinders Closed centre hydraulic cylinders Closed centre pneumatic cylinder Large bore – high speed open centre hydraulic cylinders COMPACT STYLE HYDRAULIC CYLINDER WITH OPEN CENTRE Increased Rotation Speed. Maximum hydraulic pressure […]

Indexers & Rotary Tables

NC ROTARY TABLE   MR SERIES   MR120 – MR160 – MR200   Industry Standard Compact Rotary Table Minimum size in its class. Pneumatic spec. Powerful pneumatic clamping torque by triple disk brake system. High speed rotation. High accuracy. Rotary Joint built in as option. Ideal for compact machining centres. *CE correspondence. SAMPLE APPLICATION   […]

Lifting Magnets

BUX® PERMANENT LIFTING MAGNETS Bux permanent lifting magnets available in five sizes for lifting flat or round bars. Considerable saving in time, because blocking, banding & slinging is not necessary. One operator can move large & heavy weights safely & easily. Maintenance costs reduced as continual cost of repairing & replacing slings, chains & clamps […]

Magnetic Chucks

ULTRAFINE   PERMANENT MAGNETIC CHUCK FOR EDM AND HIGH PRECISION GRINDING OPERATIONS. Specially designed for accurate and efficient clamping on EDM and high precision grinding machines. Extremely low magnetic field (2mm high). High magnetic force (60 N/cm2 St37). Silver brazed top plate. Variable magnetic clamping force. Clamping surface can be switched in zones. Long clamping […]

Manual Chucks

  Quality manual self-centering scroll chucks Quality cast iron & steel bodied. (Higher max. R.P.M. with steel bodied chucks) Available with hard inside & hard outside jaws or cross-tenon type hard master base jaws & “bolt-on” compatible cross-tenon type hard reversible top jaws Plain recess mounting rear mounting (tapped holes in the rear face) or […]

Power Chucks

Quality Power Chucks Direct mount to suit most machine tool spindle noses Adaptor plate mounted chucks also available 2, 3, 4 & 6 jaw versions High grade alloy steel bodies Standard & large thru-hole high speed Lever style for secure gripping of flanges & extra long jaw stroke Counter balance design – Secure gripping at […]

Precision Pneumatic Chucks

100mm & 150mm x 3 Jaw 150mm x 2 Jaw Total jaw movement 2,5mm Repeatability/Concentricity – 0.005mm F.I.M. Speed up to 7200 R.P.M Base Jaws fitted with hardened & ground ring dowels Soft Jaws – Steel & Aluminium – Dowel location for accuracy Double acting pneumatic cylinder built into chuck body Safety valve ensures workpiece […]

Rotating Centres

REVOLVING TAILSTOCK CENTRES     Body hardened and ground. Small casing diameter. Angle tip 60°. Morse taper mount – 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.   As above, except long centre point. Maximum loading reduced due to extended live centre.   Standard design. Tip angle 60°. Morse taper mount – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 […]

Step Chucks

HARDINGE STEP CHUCKS 5C Emergency Types With Closers To Suit Taper & Threaded Spindles Regular-depth rated sizes – 2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” & 7” O/D’s. Regular-depth rated sizes are actually 3/8” larger on diameter than the rated diameter so the full rated capacity bore can be easily machined to the maximum depth of 0.5”. […]

Vacuum Systems

VACUUM CLAMPING SYSTEM Vacuum plate sizes from 250 x 125 x 51mm up to 1100 x 360 x 51mm Ideal for both magnetic & non-magnetic parts Difficult shaped components held easily & securely For milling or grinding Rotary vacuum pump easily portable – bulky air receiver not required.  Capacity of pump 4m3/h Control unit with […]


RP80 MACHINE VICES   Sagop RP80 vices with a general precision of 0.01mm. Swivel base available as an optional extra. Supplied as standard with plain smooth hardened jaw plates. Non-guided moving jaw makes these vices suitable for holding both rough & finished workpieces. (Guided moving jaw versions available upon request). Suitable vices for fastening to […]

Workholding Accessories


RADIO FREQUENCY GRIPMETER   The measurement of dynamic clamping force has never been more important than it is today. With the trend for faster and faster cutting speeds and the recent changes in legislation, you cannot afford to ignore it… The latest version gripmeter now provides a host of new features resulting from the incorporation […]

Jaw Boring Rings (Turning Fixtures)

Jaw Boring Rings-Turning fixtures replace size for size clamping rings & bungs, saving space & time. Safe & easy to use. Quick clamping of top jaws to produce perfectly concentric bores or turned diameters. Allows jaws to be bored or turned at the same clamping pressure required to hold the workpiece. Only one operation even […]

Jaw Clamping Inserts

CLAMPING INSERTS Clamping inserts are available in carbide or high speed steel in square or round design. When used for O.D. gripping soft jaws are machined to accommodate the inserts, thus eliminating the cost of heat treatment. When worn, only the inserts need replacing.   REPLACEMENT CLAMPING INSERTS FOR JAW CLAMPING AND FIXTURES CARBIDE TIPPED […]

Serration Cleaning Plate

Serration dressing & cleaning plates cater for the most popular serrations on chuck jaws. Hardened & precision ground on all sides. Fast & safe cleaning & de-burring of chuck jaw serrations. Better accuracy & clamping system between base & top jaw. Normal wear on jaws reduced by correct and firm location of top jaws onto […]

Tee Nuts

Tee nuts are available to suit most makes of chucks in the market place, & along with conversion plates satisfy most requirements. Please go to our technical information page for data sheet questionnaires. This page shows the variations of tee nuts available.   Type A Type B Type C Type D   Type E Type […]