Dead Centres



  • Tool steel or high speed steel.
  • Full point
  • Available in morse taper mounts – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
  • Fully hardened and ground.

  • Carbide tipped.
  • Full Point.
  • Available in morse taper mounts – 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
  • Fully hardened and ground.


  • Carbide full point.
  • Available in morse taper mounts – 2, 3, 4 & 5.
  • Fully hardened and ground.

  • Tool steel or carbide tipped.
  • Half point.
  • Fully hardened and ground.
  • Tool steel available in morse taper mounts – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.
  • Carbide tipped available in morse taper mounts – 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

  • Tool steel.
  • Full point.
  • Spanner flat.
  • Fully hardened and ground.
  • Available in morse taper mounts – 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

  • Tool steel.
  • Full point.
  • Spanner flat.
  • Draw off nut.
  • Fully hardened and ground.
  • Available in morse taper mounts – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

  • Tool steel.
  • Extended point.
  • Spanner flat.
  • Draw off nut.
  • Fully hardened and ground.
  • Available in morse taper mounts – 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.


  • Tool steel.
  • Full point with centre bore.
  • Fully hardened and ground.
  • Available in morse taper mounts – 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.


  • Tool steel.
  • Half point with centre bore.
  • Fully hardened and ground.
  • Available in morse taper mounts – 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Toolposts & Accessories



The quick change system was developed as a major advance from the conventional four way Toolpost.

The simple yet robust design, uses hardened and ground components to give high levels of accuracy and repeatability.

A versatile range of toolholders which can be brought in to use in seconds provide a flexible approach to machining and significant savings in set up times.

Toolholder change over time can be reduced significantly using the preset holders.

Centre height adjustment is achieved by a simple knurled nut which can be adjusted in seconds, eliminating the need for packing pieces.

The Quick Change Toolpost Kits are supplied with 2 off Standard Toolholders and 1 off “V”/Boring Bar Toolholder and all necessary keys.

Additional Morse Taper, Plain Bore, Parting Off and Extended toolholders can be purchased to compliment the standard kits.

The Stud Assembly which attaches the Toolpost on to the machine saddle cannot be supplied.


Features of the Quick Change Tooling System

  • Toolpost body with capacity for up to 4 toolholders.
  • Range of 4 sizes, with derivatives, to suits most lathes.
  • Precision clamping surfaces and guide grooves for accurate location of toolholders.
  • Straightforward single quick release mechanism for manual indexing of turret.
  • Simple height adjustment of toolholder.
  • Large range of various toolholders.
  • Case hardened & precision ground components.

Quick Change Capacity










Spindle Tooling





  • Manufactured by Eppinger with ultimate precision.
  • Fully case hardened.
  • Surface hardness of 58-60 HRc.
  • Core strength in excess of 1000 N/mm2.
  • Ground shaft, serration face, clamp plate & locating bore.
  • Position of cutter in applicable toolholders adjustable using two stop screws.
  • Spring-mounted pressure plates in applicable toolholders for clamping cutter in the exact position.
  • Internal coolant supply through ball nozzles featuring quick & precise adjustment with new type of clamp fixture.
  • Corrosion – resistant to all known coolants & lubricants.
  • As defined in DIN69880 the holders are equipped with an undercut at shaft/seating face to accommodate an optional sealing ring.

Reduction Sleeves


Hardinge HD-Style bushings with following features & benefits:-

  • Hardened & precision ground both internally & externally.
  • Manufacturing process perfected over the years to optimize hardness & resilience to achieve a long lasting and accurate bushing.
  • Three styles available:- HDB, HDC and HDZ


HDB-Style Split Bushings:-

  • Knurled shoulder feature for easy installation and removal.
  • Flat milled on bushing O/D where the turret or toolholder set screws clamp on the bushing.
  • Available with the following O/D sizes & numerous I/D sizes:-

HDB Imperial O/D:-

HDB2 Series – 1/2” O/D & 3/4” Length
HDB5 Series – 5/8” O/D & 1 1/8” Length
HDB6 Series – 3/4” O/D & 1 1/8” Length
HDB8 Series – 1” O/D & 1 3/4” Length
HDB9 Series – 1 1/8” O/D & 2 1/2” Length
HDB10 Series – 1 1/4” O/D & 2 3/16” Length
HDB12 Series – 1 1/2” O/D & 2 3/4” Length

HDB Metric O/D:-

HDB8M Series – 25mm O/D & 44mm Length
HDB10M Series – 32mm O/D & 2 3/16” Length
HDB12M Series – 40mm O/D & 2 3/4” Length


HDC-Style Slotted Solid Bushings:-

  • Feature one or two longitudinal slots (depending on the bore size).
  • The longitudinal slot allows the set screw from the toolholder to locate directly on the body of the tool.
  • Available with the following O/D sizes & numerous I/D sizes:-

HDC Imperial O/D:-

HDC10 Series – 1 1/4” O/D & 3.38” Length
HDC12 Series – 1 1/2” O/D & 3.56” Length

HDC Metric O/D:-

HDC10M Series – 32mm O/D & 3.38” Length
HDC12M Series – 40mm O/D & 3.56” Length


Special HDC-Style Slotted Bushings designed specifically for Hardinge Quest Twinturn CNC turning centres:-

HDCTT Imperial O/D:-

HDC10TT Series – 1 1/4” O/D & 2.95” Length
HDC10TTL Series (for offset holders) – 1 1/4” O/D & 2.55” Length

HDCTT Metric O/D:-

HDC10MTT Series – 32mm O/D & 2.95” Length
HDC10MTTL Series (for offset holders) – 32mm O/D & 2.55” Length


HDZ-Style Slotted Solid Bushings:-

  • Feature one or two longitudinal slots (depending on the bore size).
  • The longitudinal slot allows the set screw from the toolholder to locate directly on the body of the tool.
  • The bushing has a flange with two set screws 90 degrees apart thus enabling a tool to be put in the bushing, set to a specific dimension from the locating shoulder and locked in place.
  • Available with the following O/D sizes & numerous I/D sizes:-

HDZ Imperial O/D:-

HDZ10 Series – 1 1/4” O/D & 3.56” Length
HDZ12 Series – 1 1/2” O/D & 3.87” Length

HDZ Metric O/D:-

HDZ10M Series – 32mm O/D & 3.56” Length
HDZ12M Series – 40mm O/D & 3.87” Length

Driven Tooling & Repairs



  • Full range of Eppinger Driven & Static Tooling.
  • Eppinger Preci-flex Interchange System – The first and only tooling system using a single base holder for collet and multiple other tooling adaptors.
  • Eppinger Preci-flex interchange system has the following features and advantages to increase productivity & reduce machine tool downtime:-
  • Precise
    A conical and flat face planar interface ensures highest accuracy and rigidity.
  • Flexible
    It’s practical and simple to use. Collets, endmill holders, expanding collet chucks, shrink fit tooling, Capto and KM systems, to name just a few, can all be mounted on a single base holder.
  • Fast
    Interchanging pre-set tools reduces expensive machine downtime to almost nothing.
  • Universal
    Tooling adaptors may be interchanged between fixed and rotary base holders.
  • Compact
    Eppinger short design assures maximum torque transmission and rigidity, resulting in increased machining accuracy and consequently improved productivity.
  • Economical
    Reduced requirements for special application tooling by using standard fixed and rotary base holders results in tremendously lower total tooling cost.
  • The Preci-Flex® interchange system makes lathe tooling change-overs quick, accurate and economical.
  • Eppinger Preci-flex repeatability is unsurpassed. Other interchangeable tooling systems cannot achieve this due to their inaccurate interfaces.
    Eppinger’s modular system adds a new dimension to high precision flexibility. The basis of the Eppinger interface is a universally utilized collet configuration. The advantages speak for themselves.

Preci-Flex® Technical Information

System Accuracy

Accuracy of Repeatability <0,005mm (0,0002”)

Adaptor Change

  • Remove four screws from base holder.
  • Wipe taper and flat mounting surface of adaptor and base holder.
  • With T-Wrench (1) install and tighten four screws (2) using hook wrench (3) to keep spindle from rotating.


  • Adaptor flange must be flush with mounting surface of base holder.


  • Eppinger Decoflex – A new type of tooling interface designed for compact space – especially useful on turning & milling centres with limited working areas.
  • Eppinger Decoflex with the following features and advantages:-
  • Quick Change
    Utilization made simple and accurate. Adaptor/tool change-over performed in seconds.
  • Precise
    Proven conical/flat face interface guarantees best possible concentricity and repeatability.
  • Compact
    Minimal envelope dimensions, not available until now, open up new manufacturing approaches.
  • Flexible
    Specific adaptors designed to combine with fixed and/or rotary tool holders optimize tool performance to the highest degree.
  • Economical
    Ability to pre-set tools off the machine delivers reduced set-up time and increased machine up-time.

Decoflex® Technical Information

System Accuracy

Accuracy of Repeatability <0,005mm (0,0002”)

Adaptor Change

  1. Wipe cone, adaptor bearing surface and spindle. Insert adaptor into spindle.
  2. Rotate adaptor to stop, approx.. 30° turn.
  3. Lock adaptor with 3mm hex. wrench.
    Tightening torque max 2 Nm, lock and unlock turn approx.. 45°.


All Eppinger driven tools that are returned to us to assess whether it is economically viable to repair same are returned to Eppinger for evaluation. As they made the tool in the first place they have the ability to offer the optimum repairs for Eppinger tools deemed repairable.



Standard ER8 Types from ER8 to ER50

  • Used in a wide range of machining applications including milling, reaming, boring, tapping & grinding.
  • Probably the most commonly employed toolholder collet in the world.
  • Both standard & ultra precision versions (where low T.I.R. is a must)
  • Rigid tapping collet versions from ER11 to ER40 with internal square. These are without axial compensation for CNC machine tools with rigid tapping feature.
  • ERNC versions with sealed head-angle for thru-collant applications & pressure-resistance tested to 1000 PSI. (From ER16 to ER40).
  • Available in boxed sets.

Boring Heads



SERIES 310    Ø 20-203


Multifunctional and balance optimized for highest precision and efficiency.

The EWN single cutter boring tool program for finishing covers a range of Ø 20-203mm with only 7 precision boring heads. Three insert holders for different diameter ranges are available for each boring head. Mounting insert holders No. 2 or No. 3 in the opposite direction, the boring head is perfectly suitable for back boring.

Due to the optimized balance over the whole adjustment range, cutting speeds up to 1200 m/min are permitted.


  • Large work range due to 3 different insert holders for each boring head.
  • Insert holder can be mounted in opposite direction for an easy changeover to back boring.
  • Balanced at the midpoint of the adjustment range for high spindle speeds and improved bore quality.
  • CKB – tool connection with cross bolt for simple orientation of the tool connection.
  • Coolant supply to the cutting edge, from Ø41 with adjustable coolant nozzle for sizes EWN41 and larger.
  • Highest accurate, purely radial cutting edge adjustment by means of a ground and play free micrometer spindle.
  • Indirect and combined clamping system for tool carrier and adjusting dial.
  • Large dial disc and vernier. Adjustment precision: 1 Div. = 0.01mmØ, with vernier 0.002mmØ.
  • High quality coated tool body for complete protection against corrosion.


Standard holder with 87° entering angle, suitable for fine boring in through-and blind holes. Three different insert holders for the extension of the diameter range and for back boring applications.

Tee Nuts

  • Tee nuts are available to suit most makes of chucks in the market place, & along with conversion plates satisfy most requirements.
  • Please go to our technical information page for data sheet questionnaires.

This page shows the variations of tee nuts available.


Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D


Type E

Type F

Type G

Type H


Type I

Type J

Type K

Type L


Type M

Type N

Type O

Type P


Type S


Serration Cleaning Plate

  • Serration dressing & cleaning plates cater for the most popular serrations on chuck jaws.
  • Hardened & precision ground on all sides.
  • Fast & safe cleaning & de-burring of chuck jaw serrations.
  • Better accuracy & clamping system between base & top jaw.
  • Normal wear on jaws reduced by correct and firm location of top jaws onto master base jaws.
  • Extends the working life & accuracy of the top jaws.
  • For hard jaws apply grinding compound on plate surface near outer edge.
  • Place hard jaws on top of grinding compound, guide them into plate serrations & slide back & forth.
  • Soft Jaws can be cleaned & dressed without using grinding compound.
  • Plates are supplied in a wooden box, with a tube of grinding paste.

JS18 250301261/16” x 90° & 1.5mm x 60° 7.0
JS19250301261/16” x 90° & 3/32” x 90° 7.0
JS20250301261.5mm x 60° & 3mm x 60°7.0


Jaw Boring Rings (Turning Fixtures)

  • Jaw Boring Rings-Turning fixtures replace size for size clamping rings & bungs, saving space & time.
  • Safe & easy to use.
  • Quick clamping of top jaws to produce perfectly concentric bores or turned diameters.
  • Allows jaws to be bored or turned at the same clamping pressure required to hold the workpiece.
  • Only one operation even if through boring jaws.
  • Saves on jaw usage because of fine adjustment allowing minimal skimming of jaws.
  • No time wasted looking for or turning clamping rings.
  • One Acraboe to suit a variety of chucks.
  • For grinding, boring or turning of soft or hard top jaws.
AES16125-20010018030-25013 & 1648000 daN
AES25250-315195295100-34016101000 daN