Boring Heads



SERIES 310    Ø 20-203


Multifunctional and balance optimized for highest precision and efficiency.

The EWN single cutter boring tool program for finishing covers a range of Ø 20-203mm with only 7 precision boring heads. Three insert holders for different diameter ranges are available for each boring head. Mounting insert holders No. 2 or No. 3 in the opposite direction, the boring head is perfectly suitable for back boring.

Due to the optimized balance over the whole adjustment range, cutting speeds up to 1200 m/min are permitted.


  • Large work range due to 3 different insert holders for each boring head.
  • Insert holder can be mounted in opposite direction for an easy changeover to back boring.
  • Balanced at the midpoint of the adjustment range for high spindle speeds and improved bore quality.
  • CKB – tool connection with cross bolt for simple orientation of the tool connection.
  • Coolant supply to the cutting edge, from Ø41 with adjustable coolant nozzle for sizes EWN41 and larger.
  • Highest accurate, purely radial cutting edge adjustment by means of a ground and play free micrometer spindle.
  • Indirect and combined clamping system for tool carrier and adjusting dial.
  • Large dial disc and vernier. Adjustment precision: 1 Div. = 0.01mmØ, with vernier 0.002mmØ.
  • High quality coated tool body for complete protection against corrosion.


Standard holder with 87° entering angle, suitable for fine boring in through-and blind holes. Three different insert holders for the extension of the diameter range and for back boring applications.