The measurement of dynamic clamping force has never been more important than it is today. With the trend for faster and faster cutting speeds and the recent changes in legislation, you cannot afford to ignore it…

The latest version gripmeter now provides a host of new features resulting from the incorporation of “state of the art” microcontrollers – including the facility to transfer measurements to your personal computer for presentation, analysis or storage. The NEW way to accurately measure the gripping force of manual and power operated chucks under both static and rotating conditions. An indispensable aid for production and maintenance engineers and a necessity for anyone concerned with machine shop safety.


  • Measures the chuck’s gripping force under both static and dynamic condition up to 100kN (or equivalent) per jaw.
  • Measures speed of rotation up to 6000rpm.
  • Convenient and safe during use. Radio frequency signal between loadcell and handset hence no electrical slip rings or connecting wires.
  • Stores up to 120 readings, comprising grip, speed, cylinder pressure and date/time stamp.
  • Readings can be stored indefinitely or selectively deleted.
  • PC compatible – downloaded readings for long term storage, presentation and analysis with “Grip Analyzer” the new Windows® compatible software from PBA.
  • Read-out in any one of four selectable units kN, Ibf, Mgf, Tons(long).
  • High stiffness load cell ensures accurate measurement of gripping force.
  • Extension rings are included to enable measurement of larger diameters.
  • Can be used for 2 jaw chucks and vices.
  • Low battery warning.
  • Powered by long-life batteries with automatic “power off” feature to extend battery life to the maximum. New easy battery replacement… uses 4 each AA in the readout unit and 1 each D cell 3.6 volt in the load cell.
  • No re-calibration required after a battery change.
  • Automatic zeroing.
  • Indication of overload.
  • Complies with CE and EMC directives.
  • Twelve month warranty.


The Radio Frequency Gripmeter or RFG comprises a hand held receiver unit and loadcell transmitter that is gripped in the chuck under test. The loadcell is completely self-contained and is free to rotate in the chuck to its maximum speed of 6000rpm. The loadcell when “on” measures the grip and speed and then transmits the data at a permissible frequency (433.92 Mhz) to the handset receiver. A valuable advantage of using radio frequency transmission is that there is no need for “line of sight” between the loadcell transmitter and handset, which often can be difficult with machine guards obstructing clear view. The reading can be taken even with the loadcell and handset as much as 10m feet apart. The data when received at the handset is then converted to the operator’s choice of units and displayed at the handset on a dot matrix screen. The grip reading is updated every ½ second and the speed measurement every 2 seconds. The data can then be stored at handset simply by pressing a few keys, up to 120 readings can be stored at one time. This information can subsequently be downloaded onto a PC for storage, analysis and printing. The RFG kit includes loadcell extension rings that extend the gripping diameter from 60mm to 100mm and 160mm. The instrument may also be used to measure the grip of 2 jaw chucks and vices.





Maximum Load Per Jaw (3 Jaw)100 kN
Unit of Measurement (User Selectable)kN, Ibf, MgF, Tons (long)
Grip Accuracy+/- 1% (FSD)
Maximum Distance Between Units10m
Loadcell Diameter60mm
Smallest gripping Diameter Over Protection Ring63mm
Alternative Diameters with Extension Rings100/160mm
Maximum speed6000rpm
Set ZeroAutomatic
PC CommunicationsRS232 (serial bus)
Handset BatteryAA (four)
Loadcell Battery lithiumD 3v long-life